Mana Yoga Retreats by Patty Perlman is a place to reconnect and find your fire within. Created from a passion to bring yoga and people together, Patty joins together a yoga community of like minded people in a fun and inspiring atmosphere. These retreats are a melting pot of people, from CEO’s to busy mom’s to ER doctors. Post retreat, the Mana Community continues to flourish with yoga classes, events, and  even drinks organised specially for Mana Retreaters to reconnect and hang out.

Retreat Food. Fresh, organic and local produce are served daily in delicious and mouth-watering recipes. These recipes are created to assist the detoxifying process, cleanse the organs and digestion and revitalise the body from inside out. Every meal is prepared fresh daily by our chef, and all food requirements are catered to. 

These exclusive retreats accommodate up to 12 guests maximum and take place beachfront in Byron Bay, mountain top in Queenstown, and seaside in Bali. With 16 years of yoga experience and over 15 yoga retreats in Australia and abroad, Patty creates a space to reconnect within and ignite your inner fire & zest for life. These breathtaking places are well-appointed to provide yoga, meditation, aerial & acro yoga, surfing, hiking, kayaking, skiing, pampering, cooking, drinking wine and more in a fun, adventurous and stylish environment.

The creation of Mana Yoga Retreats comes from a love and appreciation for nature. Patty grew up on a small island off the coast of Maine, USA where she began practicing yoga at a class taught in her high school. When she wasn’t in the studio she was hiking and exploring and painting. Once at University, Patty studied Yoga and Buddhism in both America and Australia, leading to the decision to become a yoga teacher.


6-7am   Hot Yoga   FitX 26 Reddacliff St, Newstead Brisbane
7-8am   Hot Yoga   FitX 26 Reddacliff St, Newstead Brisbane

5:45pm   Rooftop Yoga, South Brisbane


5:50-7am Summer Set Yoga, Davies Park West End – Starts January 16 2018 click for details
9:30am   Power Yoga, Bend n Fly, Montague Road West End – Starts January 2018
5:45pm Rooftop Yoga, South Brisbane


5:50-7pm Summer Set Yoga, New Farm Park – Starts January 18 2018 click for details

If you’re in the Brisbane area during the week you can find Patty at a variety of studios listed below or at the dog park with Nala, the Australian Shepherd and also retreat employee. Those who have been on retreat can confirm that Nala provides a special healing energy though nuzzles and licks. One weekends you can find Patty relaxing at her house in Byron Bay, running on the beach with Nala, hiking the lighthouse, and drinking coconut margaritas on Johnson Street.

Over the past 12 years Patty has studied with:
– Douglas Allen, Buddhism Professor of University of Maine 2004
– Craig and Shane Perkins, founders of Yandara Yoga Institute in Todos Santos, Mexico 2008
– Gopala, founder of Rainbow Kids Yoga, Worldwide 2010
– Tammy Williams, founder of Sunshine Coast’s Yoga NRG, Australia 2012
– Julie Smerdon, founder Shri Yoga, Australia 2015
– Lorine Roche, Meditation teacher and Author, USA 2015

Her classes are Vinyasa style with Anusaura and Iyengar principles that emphasise the foundations of alignment, awareness and breath flow. All classes are thoughtfully sequenced, informative and draw from themes from experiences we can all relate to.